Representation of Client’s interests in arbitration and commercial courts Minsk Belarus

Debts recovery, fines, interest, construction disputes, transportation contract disputes, transport expedition disputes, tax authority disputes, customs disputes.

  1. development of strategy in pretrial and trial procedures
  2. claim, counter-claim, complaint drafting; composition of PR letters
  3. appeal of enforcement officers` actions, decisions
  4. drafting of appeals, cassations

Appeal against actions/decisions of control authorities Belarus

  1. consultations
  2. filing actions, complaints
  3. representation of Client’s interests in control authorities
  4. participation in court proceedings Minsk

Projects for foreign investors in Belarus

  1. consultations on procedure for registration of companies in Belarus with foreign investment. English, French
  2. representation of foreign investors` interests and companies with foreign investment in organizations and institutions of the Republic of Belarus
  3. registration of companies with foreign investment: preparing documentation, staff recruiting
  4. reorganization, liquidation of companies with foreign investment: consultations, preparing documentation
  5. total legal tracking of activity of a company with foreign investment in the Republic of Belarus: from consultations to representation in courts

Corporate law of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation

  1. consultations
  2. giving legal opinions
  3. optimization of partners`\ founders` relations in start-up or existing companies and holding structures in the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation: working out business strategy, preparing documentation, proceedings

Consultations. Audit. Contract drafting. Legal opinions

  1. Foreign economic activities
  2. customs law of Belarus and  Russia
  3. monetary law of  Belarus and Russia 
  4. contract law Belarus. contract law Russia: Audit. Contract drafting, including foreign economic contracts and other accompanying documents with minimization of existing or planning risks for Client. Consultations
  5. Tax law of  Belarus and  Russia 
  6. Price formation Belarus.


Labor law of  Belarus  and Russia. Problem discharges. disciplinary penalties.

  1.       Consultations
  2.       Working out of the plan of actions and drafting documents for discharges, disciplines
  3.      Working out of local normative acts for Client (regulations, instructions, labour contracts/agreements)

Internal audit/ work in Clients` team.

  1. audit of Client’s documents on a particular purpose
  2. discovering of discrepancies, risks with the aim of their further optimization: consulting, document drafting
  3. adoption of developed documents in Client’s team: instruction, enactment, correction, control

Internal coaching of Client’s employees

  1. departure to Client’s office
  2. coaching: representation of theoretical and practical material, practical tasks
  3. knowledge control by the way of questioning after coaching and during the internal audit.

Professional interview with applicants for lawyer’s vacancy

  1. 1. firsthand acquaintance with Client’s line of activity and with Candidate’s main functional
  2. 2. departure to Client`s office or to employment agency for interview
  3. 3. drafting of a questionnaire, questioning of a Candidate and modeling of juridical or management tasks in order to define the level of professional knowledge and skills, logical skills their application by the Candidate in compliance with planning vacancy
  4. 4. giving of a writing or oral reference of the Candidate


Registration of business in Belarus, reorganization, closing down/liquidation of a company in Belarus, of individual entrepreneurs, unitary enterprises, limited (liability) companies, additionally liability companies in Belarus, closed joint stock companies in Belarus

  1. Consultations
  2. drafting of applications, decisions, constituent instruments and other documents
  3. representation of interests in governmental authorities
  4. representation of interests in arbitration and commercial courts
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